Our Story

For over a decade Innovation Cabinetry has been a family-owned and run business working to not only provide the highest quality of cabinets but to create and set new, higher standards for the cabinet market in the greater Tampa Bay area.

Innovation Cabinetry was founded in May of 2005 in Clearwater, Florida. Initially providing only retail services, Innovation Cabinetry grew quickly and expanded to multiple locations. Through their success, the Innovation Cabinetry family was able to see a demand that simply wasn’t being met. High-quality cabinetry was only available at a premium price. Innovation Cabinetry began designing their own cabinets. By doing so, they were able to create a product that met their high standards, but was much more affordable.

Increased demand soon made having a local warehouse a necessity. Once the warehouse was in place, the dynamic of the business changed. What began as a retail supply endeavor turned into a wholesale business. In order to best serve the customer, and more efficiently provide cabinets throughout the area, Innovation Cabinetry moved from Clearwater to Tampa, the heart of Tampa Bay.

True to their name, Innovation Cabinetry continues to find new and exciting ways to improve both their product and their customers satisfaction.